MWI Components is a full line manufacture of both round and square door track and accessories.  Our 201 track is a full round track with keyhole slots in the top for easy use with many different mounting brackets.  We roll form the round and square track as well as all the trolleys, mounting brackets and other accessories in our Spencer, Iowa plant. Delivery is available on our weekly route trucks.  We also offer three profiles of extruded Aluminum Side Rail products.  The 2200 series rail and the 1600 series rail are designed for a wood 2x4 or steel girts ( yes, we make these also) to be mounted in the upright position.  This will be an 1 1/2" thick door.  The Big Rail product has a wider throat which allows for the door girts to be laid on the flat, developing a 3 1/2" wide door which is better for wider or taller doors. All three series of rail is available in any of the Powdercoat colors.