The best quality combined with the best service at a very fair price is what Sealtite Building Fasteners is all about.  Sealtite is a leader in the metal to wood and metal to metal fastener industry.  For post frame or metal residential roofing applications, check out Kwikseal II woodbinder.  This is a patented screw which features a unique thread transition from fine to course to generate superior holding strength....and drives very fast.  We also mill a type-17 drill point which allows the KII fastener to consistently drill 29ga and 26 ga. steel with no "point walking".  The Type-17 point also reduces metal shavings which can cut the washer.  The Kwikseal II is a mechanical zinc plated product.  We color match any metal siding and roofing.  If your in a area where you require an even longer life product, check out the ST-XL woodbinder which is a stainless steel capped screw, or the ZXL woodbinder, which has a head made of zinc and aluminum alloys.  Both these products are great for use in high acid rain areas on or near animal confinement buildings.

Sealtite also offers a large selection of self-drillers for use in metal to metal applications.  The Maxx self driller is a very popular fastener for this application.  The Eclipse woodbinder and the Eclipse steelbinder are a great product where a low profile less intrusive head is desired.